Brian Miller: the Tea Party and the Freshman 50

the Tea Party


Brian Miller is now one of the famous Republican in this generation who ran for a seat in the 8th District of Arizona in the 2010 elections. He was a Senior Pilot of the United States Air Force and one of the great veterans of the Afghanistan War. In terms of scholastic attainment, he finished a degree in Political Science in 1998 from a very reputable university, which is the Northern Arizona University. Currently, he is a very loving husband and a great provider for his two sons.

When he was picked up as one of those 28 non-incumbents under the Republican slate, the support and feedback of the people were overwhelming.  Maybe this was because people knew that advocacies of Brian Miller and they share the same vision for the future of the United States and their country.

In terms of advocacies, he is one of the most vocal supporter of the popular American populist and political movement called the Tea Party Movement. In general sense, this political movement is widely recognized as both a conservative and libertarian. web design The movement has already sponsored several protests that have something to do with social, political and economic issues like taxation, national debt, federal budget, foreign policies and many more.

The term “Tea Party” on the name of the movements has something to do with the Boston Tea Party, which become the symbol of an objection to the British taxation on tea in 1773. Since then, a lot of commentators have already been  referring to the Tea in the Tea Party as a backronym or acronym to the phrase “Taxed Enough Already.”

The movement is conducting several caucuses and meeting in the United States’ House of Representatives as well as the Senate. It is a loose movement that has no central leadership but composed of different national and local groups who all want to determine their own agendas and platforms for a better America.

Aside from his support and link to the Tea Party movements, he is also a very popular candidate then because of his affiliation with the Freshman 50. Brian Millers is actually one of founders of the Freshman 50, which is an independent Political Action Committee or PAC. Since it is independent, it does not have a link with any of America’s political parties, group and the like. The main purpose of this group is to put fifty (50) new and non-incumbent politicians in the House of Representatives who will all be legislatively and fiscally responsible. Still, this has something to do with fiscal legislations like taxation and the like.

As you may have already read in the news and internet articles, Brian Miller supports and upholds the calls to reform the taxation code of the United States. He is one of those young politicians who are demanding for the repeal of the 16th Amendment as well as the replacements of the existing Federal taxation code with a much simpler, clearer and fairer code that must include principles like the one-time taxation, the one-rate taxation as well as the call for the constitutional amendment that will require two-thirds majority for a new tax and tax hike to be passed.



The Advocacies of Brian Miller

Brian Miller is getting more and more popular recently in the United States, most especially since he ran for congress for the 8th District of Arizona in 2010. However, I must argue that Brian Miller has not been popular because of his candidacy. Perhentian Island As a matter of fact, he became known to the populace because of his ideas, advocacies and beliefs, which consequently convinced him to serve the people to the next level by running to the congress.

There are several things that Brian Miller advocates for or uphold. Some of these are the following:


- Advocacy for the Amendment of the Fiscal Taxation

He is known as one of the supporters and advocates of the call to amend the taxation code of the United States of America. QFN socket His advocacy to this one includes at least three points, which are the one-time taxation, the one-rate taxation and, of course, the amendment of Constitution that will require the two-thirds of the majority for the passage of any new taxation law or even an increase to taxation.

As a matter of fact, due to this advocacy, he is affiliated to at least two (2) major and very popular groups or movements in the United States, which made him even famous than any advocates in the country.

The first group that Brian Miller is supporting is the Tea Party Movement. The TPM, for short, is a political movement in America, which is generally referred as a conservative and libertarian movement. It is one of the major groups in the country that pushes for reduction in the government spending.  It also opposes the varying taxation in several different degrees as well as the reduction to the national debt of the country and its deficit on the federal budget.

The name of the group is quite historical and significant. It can be a reference to what they called the Boston Tea Party, which was became a symbol of the objection of colonist to a British levied on tea way back in 1773. student jobs The objection and protest was demonstrated by way of dumping the British tea into the harbor. Through time, the term “Tea Party” has become the symbol or even acronym of the phrase “Taxed Enough Already.”

On the other hand, he is also one of the founders of the Freshman 50, which, during the 2010 elections, aimed to place at least fifty (50) legislators who will push for responsible and humane fiscal policies, most especially when it comes to the taxation issue.


- Lower and Affordable Health Care

Another aspect of the advocacies of Brian Miller is his initiative to push for more affordable health care service for every American citizen. He want to lower the cost of it by way of what he calls the interstate market competition, which refers to the health insurance industry of the country. Pulau Tioman He also pushes for the establishment of the tax exemption of medical savings account in the country.


- Balancing the Federal Budget

Another major advocacy of Brian Miller is to call for the more balanced budget of the Federal State. This advocacy requires the amendment of the Constitution of the United States in order to require and mandate the legislators to have a more balanced budget.


Brian Miller and The Freshman 50

If you are reading the news and some internet articles out there, most especially during the 2010 elections in the United States, you have probably heard or read already about Brian Miller.  He is actually one of the few politicians who ran to the congress in 2010 that grabbed the attention and support of the public. This is maybe a result of his charisma and his advocacies being carried out.

Well, as a matter of fast facts, Brian Miller is a veteran of the Afghanistan War.  ecommerce website design With his experience in the battlefield, you are definitely assured that he has learned a lot of things when it comes to foreign policies as well as how the nation shall be operated.  Moreover, with his relevant experience in practicing nationalism in the strictest sense of the word, you know that he has every intention just to serve the United States.

On his affiliation, he is currently linked or affiliated with at least two (2) major political groups in the United States. One is the Tea Party Movement while the other one is the Freshman 50.

On the one hand, the Tea Part Movement is one of the most vocal political movements in the country, most especially when it comes to fiscal issues like taxation, budgets and appropriations. It is adhering or pushing for the reduction of the government spending as well as the reduction of the country’s national debt as well as the budget deficit of the Fed.

On the other hand, Brian Miller is one of the renowned founding members of the popular Freshman 50. This group aims to put at least fifty (50) allied representatives in the congress who will all be committed to push for responsible and more meaningful fiscal policies of the United States. In general, the advocacies and platforms of this Political Action Committee (PAC) can be summarized into six (6) reforms, however, three of these will be discussed herein, which are the following:


- Equal Application of the Law

This advocacy aims to push for the application of the law to all the citizens as well as the Congress. This means that there shall be no special treatments even if you are an official in the Senate or Congress.  club This way, no one will surely be above the law and breaking it.


- Term Limitations

This pushes for the 12-year limit to the term of the officials sitting in the Congress and Senate.


- Congressional Ethics Enforcement

Brian Miller is also one with this group in pushing for the enforcement of the Congressional Ethics. This can be in three (3) folds. One thing of this advocacy will mean that there shall be a mandatory and yearly taxation and expenditure audits of all the members of the Congress. e commerce This shall be made in as transparent as possible. Another thing about this one is that there will no longer be a member of Congress or its staff who can also be hired as one of the lobbyists and then paid additionally for it, consequently. part time job This is maybe to resolve conflict of interest and the like. The third thing about this one says something about the unleashing in order to make the Ethic Committee work and do their job.

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